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Motivated to bring change to the humanitarian field, Movement on the Ground's mission is to transform all refugee hotspots towards safe, healing and enabling environments. We believe everyone, no matter who you are or where you're from, should live in a dignified and humane environment.

We are rooted in the refugee community to transform refugee camps from within. We work hard to create sustainable change with and for people who have been forced from their homes. Our position within the community gives us direct insights into unaddressed needs which we fulfil with human-centred programs and solutions.

Our ‘Camp to CampUs’ philosophy forms the foundation for how we transform refugee hotspots into dignified environments. Into places where refugees feel empowered and included in the running of services and projects. Where both host and hosted communities can feel included, valued and connected. Our Camp to CampUs philosophy is something that we have developed and improved over the years of working with the refugee community. This approach is changing the way humanitarian work is done all over Europe
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2022 Update: Moving ever further!

21-11-2022 | 11:53 Movement on the Ground has grown significantly in 2022. We are now active in many new locations, from Poland to the Netherlands. We have taken up a significant role in caring for UnAccompanied Minors in the Netherlands, making sure many children have a good home in their new host country. We've also started a new collaboration with COA at one of the biggest centers for asylumseekers in the Netherlands, employing our Camp to CampUs method on Dutch soil for the first time. Of course, we also had many highlights amongst our communities continuing to do great work in Greece. From new football tournaments for men and women on the Cruyff courts,  to the growth of our very own Movement Academy, we know our projects are making a difference. If you want to read stories concerning all the highlights of the last year, please visit 
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22-06-2024 | 15:34 To: The Social Hub Glasgow