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Welcome to Greece! That will be 600 Euros…

If you have been granted Asylum in Greece, you are faced with many essential integration expenses that might be impossible to pay such as:

1. Passport (100 Euro)
2. Bank Account (50 Euro)
3. First-Month Rent (~300 Euro)
4. Transportation (~150 Euro)

Without the practical ability to work during your Asylum Process in Greece, this 600 Euros is the barrier between starting your life and falling into illegal work, homelessness, and unsafe circumstances; Welcome to Europe.

The foundation of MOTG's work is working with the community (those seeking asylum in Samos) rather than for the community, which is a fundamental difference in the typical way humanitarian aid has been done historically. This difference means that as an organization we rely on the experience, skills, and dedication of our community volunteers (CVs); empowering many to become Community Leaders (CLs) of MOTG Programs.

Of the 60 CVs that are volunteering part-time and running projects each month, each project usually has 1 volunteer that is serving more as a CL: committing full-time volunteering hours; developing project ideas and improvements; recruiting and managing team members; and upskilling other volunteers. Currently MOTG Samos has no formal incentive to motivate those to take on leadership positions or continue in them, as everyone receives the same volunteer financial incentives of sim credit and bus tickets each month; empowerment without equitable support.

With this fundraiser, we want to equitably support our Community Volunteers serving as Community Leaders through the MOTG Leadership & Integration Scholarship. We want to continue to build our MOTG Camp to Campus philosophy with this scholarship opportunity that will serve as a financial and community-building bridge for our CL’s integration within Greece.

Thank you for considering and donating to this fundraiser in supporting our Community Leaders in affording their integration costs and starting their lives in Greece. If you have any questions, interest in partnership, or want further details of the project, please contact:

Fundraising Breakdown:
18,600 Euros for Year 1 implementation

  • CL Support + Running Costs = 15,000 for Year 1
    (100 Euro x 10 CLs/Month) + (250 Euro/Month) = 1250 Euro/Month
  • 6 Existing CLs entitled to 600 Euro: 3,600 Euro for Year 1

*CLs Scholarship Period: minimum 3 month (300 Euro) to maximum 6 month (600 Euro)

Welcome to Greece! Congratulations on your MOTG Scholarship!

MOTG Samos Team

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€150 10-10-2023 | 10:42 Flea market fundraising, yasou
€100 20-09-2023 | 11:56
€50 19-09-2023 | 21:31 the 50th birthday of an enthusiastic, proud and social-minded lady who is rightly proud of her committed daughter, who stands up for the most vulnerable people on this planet en Greece.
€100 19-09-2023 | 20:58 I stayed for a few days at Samos and the team of movement was wunderfull. I love them all!
€25 14-09-2023 | 22:33