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CALL FOR ACTION: Emergency Relief for Refugees on the Greek Islands
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Winter is coming, and the number of forcibly displaced people will continue to rise due to conflicts in the Middle East and natural disasters. We have been actively involved in humanitarian efforts on the Greek Islands since 2015. Unfortunately, we must report that a significant humanitarian emergency has developed once again.

Facts and figures on the Greek Islands:

  • Lesvos' camp population has more than doubled in two months, from approximately 2,000 at the beginning of July to over 5,000 in early October.
  • Samos has witnessed a 660% population increase in just over a month, from 600 to 3964, according to UNHCR data from September 18th.
  • There is an increased lack of shelter and sleeping capacity. It is projected that by the end of October, around 35% of the camp will not have adequate Housing and sanitation Conditions.
  • Water provision is scarce and rationed, which leads to health and sanitation concerns.
  • Orderly food distribution is under pressure, resulting in long, tense lines.
  • A shortage of warm clothing, shoes, blankets, and other essentials persists with winter approaching.

We are seeking your support to aid forcibly displaced people facing humanitarian, challenging conditions in increasingly overcrowded camps on the Greek Islands.

Since June, there has been a rapid increase in the number of arrivals to Greece—a situation we have seen before. Camp populations have more than doubled within just two months, resulting in deteriorating living conditions. Access to suitable shelter, clean sanitation facilities, showers, dignified food distribution, essential hygiene items, and winter supplies is increasingly challenging.

We have consistently supported those seeking safety over our eight years of presence on the Greek islands. Our "Camp to CampUs" approach empowers residents and harnesses their talents to shape the response, ensuring it aligns with their opinions and needs. As the situation shifts from integration to a humanitarian emergency again, we will adapt as we always have.

Emergency relief we will focus on:

  • Equal and fair food distribution to all camp residents;
  • Monitoring and supervision of safe and inclusive WASH facilities;
  • Increasing safe and winter-ready shelter capacity;
  • Vast distribution of winterization items, like blankets, warm clothes, hygiene products, and other winterization supplies.

It is time to act!


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