In order to help you fundraise, we have created a Fundraising Toolkit which you can download through clicking on the button at the right. It contains important information about Movement On The Ground, details of the positive impact we are creating for the camp residents and island locals, images, and templates for e-mails and social media posts to mobilise your network and spread the word about your fundraiser.

Have a look at a few success stories from previous fundraisers for some inspiration and don’t forget to read through the suggested fundraise campaigns.

Successful cases

Thomas and Angelique
The upcoming time in Greece will be very challenging for both Angelique and me. For Angelique it will be the first time doing volunteer work related to the refugee crisis and she really wants to learn more about the issue. For Thomas this is far from the first time for going to Greece for volunteer work. The work is always very rewarding, because it’s very easy to see the impact of what you are doing. With Movement On The Ground's philosophy of self-empowerment and keeping things locally, the work is very beneficial to the local communities - both in- and outside Kara Tepe and the Olive Grove. In the run up to our departure we raised a sigfnificant amount of funds for Movement On The Ground. Executing our fundraising campaingh trough Kentaa worked out great and resulted in a huge increasement of donations. If future volunteers will see it as a field for a friendly competition and start making the best out of it prior to their departure, it could become an important additional method of obtaining donations for Movement On The Ground.

Usually I don’t use my social media channels that much and mainly stick to career related content on LinkedIn. However, for my fundraiser campaign for Movement On The Ground I decided to actively communicate on LinkedIn about it as well. As the Kentaa platform is really clear and contains a lot of additional information supportive to my posts, everyone had the chance to dig further into my journey towards dignity for all. Although the platform is a great base to inform people about Movement On The Ground’s core activities, it also offers plenty of ways to tell your own story. Another plus is that all donations are completely transparent. I tried to provide additional insights regarding the actual situation on Lesbos and attempted to tell more about my personal goals and motives. My campaign started two weeks prior to my volunteer trip, which I would recommend to all volunteers as it gives you the opportunity to actively engage with potential donors before you depart.

Suggested campaigns

Sports event
What’s not to like about pushing your limits and participate in a challenging sport event, such as a marathon, cycling tour, walk or rowing race? Nothing, no? Why wouldn’t you combine this great occasion with fundraising? Engage with your network, bring in donators supporting you, raise money for Movement On The Ground through succeeding the event and help us while you’re taking yourself to the max.

Business participation
Do you consider to participate with your organisation or the organisation you’re working at? That would be awesome! Think of theme days in which you join forces with your customers and/or partners, raising money through transferring a tiny but of your revenues or driving your team to set up an own campaign. Any other suggestion? Let us know!