TSH Lesvos Trip Oct2023

Support Movement On The Ground's mission to transform refugee camps
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from €6,000 (91%)
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Do you share my passion of helping people? Do you want to contribute towards bringing a sense of dignity back to people on the move? Donate to my fundraiser and help support Movement On The Ground's mission to transform ALL refugee hotspots towards safe, healing and enabling environments with and for refugee and local host communities.

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€15 08-11-2023 | 11:50 I like to end with a round amount
€40 22-10-2023 | 11:22
€25 20-10-2023 | 13:25 I felt so proud and inspired by my coworkers in the TSH Talks when they told their experience 🥰
€15 20-10-2023 | 13:22
€500 19-10-2023 | 17:09 Super proud of the TSH for raising so much money and for working so hard ;)