Who is Movement On The Ground

Movement On The Ground (MOTG) is a Dutch foundation established in 2015 by five independent business people and creatives who were touched by the refugee crisis and called to action. 

Motivated to change the game of humanitarian aid for refugees, Movement On The Ground decided to made its mission to provide a dignified, sustainable and innovative response to the refugee crisis, that involves and benefits both refugees and their host community. 

We aim to maintain a fixed presence of the Greek islands on Lesvos and Samos, running projects in and around camps centered on our philosophy. We unlock the power and potential of refugees and include them in the running of our projects. We make them feel powerful and valuable. Together, we are working to improve their living conditions, maximize their skills and increase their connection to their host community in Greece. 

Camp to CampUs

Our 'camp to CampUs' philosophy is based on the fact that refugees - or better referred to as residents - should be actively involved in everything we do. These people deserve the right to reclaim control over their living environment and community. With our strong team of resident volunteers, we carry out a broad range of activities such as; collecting garbage, distributing meals, installing electricity, distributing pallets and tarpaulins to make tents waterproof, operating a clothing store and running a sports program.

Building bridges

Forging close communities and connecting different groups affected by the situation is at the heart of Movement On The Ground. Every day, resident volunteers with very diverse backgrounds, Greeks and visiting volunteers work shoulder-to-shoulder. Creating connection is what allows our programs and services to flourish. Diverse cultures and mindsets work together, thinking in solutions, not problems. Together our diverse team provide pratical living solutions in the Olive Groves, run sports tournaments that collect children of the camps with local Greek children and host digital classes where refugees and local Greek can learn side-by-side.

Where we work

Movement On The Ground is active on Lesvos and Samos, two Greek islands in the Aegean sea. On Lesvos we build and run our own Olive Groves campUs outside camp Moria and work in camp Kara Tepe, where the most vulnerable families are housed. We also work in the informal settlements around camp Vathy on Samos.

Want to know more? www.movementontheground.com