What we do

The Movement On The Ground Mission

We are Movement On The Ground. We are an organisation of real, genuine and motivated humans responding to a humanitarian crisis affecting the innocent children, women and men forced from their homes.

Motivated to bring change to the humanitarian field, Movement On The Ground's mission is to enable human relief, cultivate solutions and drive sustainable change with and for refugees and their host communities. We believe everyone, no matter who you are or where you're from, should live in a healing and self-sustaining environment.

Camp to CampUs

At the core of the Movement On The Ground mission is the ‘Camp to campUs’ philosophy, the process of transforming refugee hotspots into safe, healing and dignified environments. Places where refugees feel empowered and included in the running of services and projects. Where both host and hosted community can feel included, valued and connected.

Our Camp to campUs philosophy is something that we have developed and nurtured, and we are now realising just how impactful this approach is in relation to the reception of refugees across the globe.



Building bridges

Forging close communities and connecting different groups affected by the situation is at the heart of Movement On The Ground. Every day, community volunteers with very diverse backgrounds, local Greeks and visiting volunteers work shoulder-to-shoulder. Creating connection is what allows our programs and services to flourish. Diverse cultures and mindsets work together, thinking in solutions, not problems. Together our diverse team provide practical living solutions in RIC Lesvos, Vathy camp and Vial camp, run sports tournaments that connect children of the camps with local Greek children, host digital classes where refugees and local Greek can learn side-by-side and so much more...

Where we work

Movement On The Ground is active on Lesvos, Samos, Chios and in Athens. On Lesvos we work in the new Reception and Identification Centre, sharing and implementing our Camp to campUs philosophy. We do the same in and around Vathy camp on Samos and Vial camp on Chios. In Athens, we run three homes for unaccompanied minors. 

Want to know more? www.movementontheground.com