Help build playgrounds, classrooms and shaded areas in Lesvos, Greece

Sam Stewart
from €15,000 (243%)

Chances are, you won the lottery when you were born into your country. For the nearly 5000 residents who are stuck in limbo in the refugee camp in Lesvos, Greece, they weren't that lucky. We can’t change that, but we can help create a camp with an environment that is safe, healing and dignified. The money we’re raising will go to constriction materials for; communal shaded areas - giving residents a place to escape the Greek summer sun. Playgrounds - providing much needed stimulation for the kids. And classrooms - dedicated learning environments for all ages that are eager to up skill. 

This is the absolute minimum these people deserve. During the last two months I've met some of the the most incredible, resilient, big-hearted humans in this camp. Most days I struggle to comprehend the stories residents share about their lives....and it all comes down to the fact they were simply born in a country that doesn't have their back.

Movement On The Ground really is doing good things in the camp, but we need your help so that can continue. Any donation will make a genuine difference to the lives of the people stranded here, so thanks a million in advance, your support is massively appreciated! 

Love from Lesvos 


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