Summerisation 2021 ☀️

13-07-2021 | 11:40

For the thousands of vulnerable people living in and around camps on the Greek islands, summer is a season of survival. Long 40 degree days in the hot Aegean sun, tossing and turning at night in an overheating tent, fears of dehydration due to limited access to water and burnt and bitten skin as sunscreen and mosquito repellent are hard to get.

That's why we are rolling out SUMMERISATION, this process helps to safeguard a person or community against harsh summer conditions by providing them with protective equipment. 


To protect the residents of RIC Lesvos this summer, we desperately need to construct shaded areas in all community spaces and in all walkways. And we need to do this fast. We also need to continue equipping tents with fans and make sure that we have enough funds for maintenance and replacements across the remaining summer months.

To make this possible, we need to raise a total of €50,000 to assist with the summarisation of RIC Lesvos, with and for the community.


What can I do? Reduce the risk of sunstroke and give residents of RIC Lesvos a protected space to gather under by their tent. Bring relief for residents during the day and night by helping to equip every tent with a functioning fan.

- A tent pack for cooling and protection

To provide up to 5,000 residents with a cool and comfortable night sleep donate €15 (with additional fan per tent, maintenance and repairs) 

- A community shelter pack for sun safety

To reduce the risk of sunstroke and give residents a protected space to gather in RIC Lesvos donate €100 (covers: 8m2 of shading material and build costs) or to help us provide a whole area of shading donate €240 (covers: 18m2 of shading for a whole zone).