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Support Movement On The Ground's mission to transform refugee camps
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Here at The Social Hub, Glasgow we are participating in a meaningful 12-hour Movement Challenge on Refugee Day as we come together to support refugees around the world.

Throughout the day, our bike will be located in the lobby for everyone to pick their distance to raise awareness and funds for Movement on the Ground. This will be a 12hr continious day of movement by our community members.

Do you share my passion of helping people? Do you want to contribute towards bringing a sense of dignity back to people on the move? Donate to my fundraiser and help support Movement On The Ground's mission to transform ALL refugee hotspots towards safe, healing and enabling environments with and for refugee and local host communities.

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€45 22-06-2024 | 15:34
€25 21-06-2024 | 12:10
€15 20-06-2024 | 22:35 Keep up the great effort Nick ☺️
€10 20-06-2024 | 21:14
€10 20-06-2024 | 20:04