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Hello there,

Do you want to positively impact the lives of the residents of the refugee camp in Samos, Greece? Help us finance “Music in Samos project”. Big or small, your donation will make a difference, so thank you!


In October, Melodissey's artists will offer an oasis of musical creativity, learning and human connections to the residents of the refugee camp in Samos. This project, conducted in collaboration with the fantastic team of Movement on the Ground (MOTG), aims at expanding skills, amplifying voices and igniting hope for the residents of the camp.

Our program at a glance:

  • Series of music workshops to expand the skills of the residents
  • 1:1 Mentoring of residents with a musical project from the basics to career as an artist
  • Music creation and recording
  • Organisation of a public talent show
  • Photo / video reportage to make residents' voices heard
  • Public exhibition in Amsterdam and awareness campaigns in schools
  • Donation of music instruments and equipments that we are currently collecting

What are the funds for:

Your donation will be used to turn our dream program into reality. We are currently auto-financing this not-for-profit initiative. Your generous support is vital to help us finance our travel costs to Samos, music recording and release, and organization of the public exhibition.



Our collective:

We are Melodissey - The Music of Life, One Note at a Time. Melodissey is a not-for-profit collective of artists and change makers from all over the world on a mission to give voice, skills and hope to residents of refugee camps. Our team of volunteers is diverse and inclusive with cheerfulness, care, and sharing as core values.

Learn more:

Project owner:

Hi, I’m Lionel, French entrepreneur and drama actor living in Amsterdam. Father of a bright 11 year-old-daughter and owner of an adorable dog named Aaloo, I have been supporting the cause of refugees for years through mentoring and as a refugee buddy. Passionate about connecting people and ideas through authentic experiences, I founded Melodissey to heal souls, embolden hearts and sparkle lives through art.


With Music and Love,
Lionel, Frédérique, Marvin, Kevin, James

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