MOTG Samos Tech Team Community Leaders

Kevin Pulley

( Member of team: MOTG Samos )

from €1.800 (228%)

**Quick Note: THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAS DONATED THUS FAR! We have made my personal fundraising goal but we still have a way to go to the 18,600. All money made over my 1,800 personal fundraising for the Tech Team goes to the general fund for the MOTG Leadership & Integration Scholarships supporting Community Leaders on all other teams of MOTG Samos (Education, Info Point, Garden, Laundry, Cafe, Music, Sports)

As the MOTG Technical Coordinator in Samos, I have worked side by side with the Tech Team Community Leader, Abu Bakarr, for over 8 months now on numerous projects for the asylum seeking community in the Samos Camp. Together, we have run a successful technical team delivering a free Wood Furniture Shop for camp residents; building community spaces such as communal eating areas, educational spaces, and relaxing cafes; and constructing shading in response to the hot summer temperatures in Greece. Not only is he a model of a Technical Community Leader in his project development, upskilling, and team management skills but also someone who is a model to the camp community for greek integration as he has been studying Greek in the Samos Public Schools for over 6 months now while still in his asylum seeking process

Please help me support Abu Bakarr in his integration fees (600 Euro) to start his life in Greece once granted asylum as well as support my future 2 tech team community leaders (1200 Euro) in the next year to support our Community Volunteers serving as Community Leaders with the MOTG Leadership & Integration Scholarship

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€3.000 04-06-2023 | 04:18
€25 03-06-2023 | 19:25
€100 03-06-2023 | 17:36 Keep up the hard work - Puri family
€100 03-06-2023 | 17:18
€100 03-06-2023 | 16:06 Proud of the work you guys are doing! -Erik