Help us launch our Education Centre on Lesvos

Movement On The Ground
from €50.000 (1%)
Movement On The Ground (MOTG) is a Dutch organisation founded in 2015. We made it our mission to provide dignified, sustainable and innovative responses to the refugee crisis that involves and benefits both refugees and their host community. The core of this mission we call “Camp to campUs”. The philosophy intends to unlock the talent and potential of refugees, enabling them to take control of their living circumstances, be involved in the running of programs such as waste management, provision of electricity and Wi-Fi, food distributions, sports, gardening, education and vocational empowerment.
An important part of our philosophy is access to education. We have been raising funds to launch our new vocational education program called "The Movement Academy". But since there is a decrease of people living in RIC Lesvos, and with that a decrease of media coverage, our funds are running dry. At the same time still more than 3.000 man, woman and children are living in the camp at this moment. And they deserve the acces to education.
The aim of the Academy is to offer residents opportunities, tools and trainings they can use to integrate into the European job markets. This program is currently running from a temporary Education Hub in RIC Lesvos. Classes include basic English, digital literacy and SkillsBuild (an online training platform we run in collaboration with Neyenrode Business Univeristy). But we are getting ready to provide vocational training such as hospitality, tailoring, mechanics and to open a new location outside of the camp in a space we have been renovating called "ERGON".
We need your help to raise €50k in order to kickstart the vocational education program in "Ergon" for the coming six months
  • With €2.500 we can immediately relocate and renovate 2 Isoboxes for additional activities in RIC including installing the electrics  
  • With 2000 we can start a new Electricians course including buying equipment, renovating the space and designing the curriculum
  • With €1000 would cover the cost of the building for a month
  • With €500 would buy the start-up education supplies
  • Every €150 would cover a months stipend cost for a teacher from the refugee community  
  • Every €15 would buy a monthly bus pass for a student to attend classes at Ergon
If you want to know more about the educational program, don't hesitate to contact Sophie Streeting ( or Lisanne Westerkamp ( 
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