We see things not as they are, we see them as we are - Anaïs Nin

Lisanne Westerkamp
from €1.000 (406%)

Since the beginning of January I am volunteering with Movement on the Ground on Lesbos. Donate to my fundraiser and help support MOTG's programs and services for the refugee and local population on Lesvos and Samos.

Where will my money go?

The money that is raised is earmarked for the ground only (our mission on Lesvos and Samos). Of the total amount rasied in my campaign, the money is split as follows:

10 %

Of your funds are used to cover our operational costs on Lesvos or Samos.

90 % 

Of your funds are used to help with the runnings of our different services and projects on either Lesvos or Samos. 

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